Midwest Conference Corner Update – April 2016

Julia MatternThe 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference is just 78 days away and that’s no April Fools! We have 269 coaches registered, from all regions of the US, plus Canada, Germany, Sweden and China. That number includes 42 coaches from our chapter – over half of our members! Special thanks to Mark Sprout for organizing a team to reach out and encourage Indy coaches to attend.

Registration is going well AND we would love to sell the remaining 131 tickets. Our chapter benefits from every ticket sold in two ways. First, higher attendance means more potential profit to be shared with participating chapters as marketing reimbursement. Also, our share of any profits is based on the number of people from our chapter who attend, so it really pays to encourage other Indy members to register.

Part of our Crossroads theme is also engaging people from allied professions and others who are stakeholders in professional coaching. This has the potential for growing our community and developing long-term relationships to benefit coaches doing business in Indy, something that will last long past the conference. To that end, we are offering discounts of $100 off the current registration price for those organizations sending 2 or more people.

We’re so grateful to those who have already registered. If you haven’t yet committed, we are offering a special extension of the Early Bird discount to coaches who are members of both our chapter and ICF Global until May 1. (Check your April Chapter newsletter for the discount code.) Register here.

Even if you can’t join us, we would appreciate you reaching out to people in your networks, coaches and allied professionals. Your personal touch can make a difference and help our chapter!

We’re also pleased to announce our major sponsorships are filled and many of our exhibitor tables sold. We still have a few tables and some advertising space available in the program. It’s a great way to get exposure for coaching products and services and build relationships. Information is available here. Please send any leads for exhibitors and/or advertisers to sponsors@icf-midwest.com

We’ve gotten good response to our service projects and volunteer requests. And, it’s not too late to help. Our partnership with The Promise Zone provides three pro bono coaching sessions, which count as hours towards ICF credentials, while giving back to the community. Click here for more information. Volunteering onsite at the conference is a great way to meet new people and its fun! Click here to apply or say yes to volunteering when you register.

Remember, the next conference is in 2018 (Pittsburgh), so it’s your last chance for great learning, 18.5 ICF CCE Units and networking with coaches from around the world for two years!

Hope to see you at the Crossroads!

Julia Mattern
Chair, 2016 ICF-Midwest Regional Conference
The Crossroads of Coaching

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