Julia Mattern – A Leader Among Us

photo_julieMattern1Julia Mattern is quite literally the face of ICF these days. Featured in the recent ICF Credentialing Legacy series (click here if you haven’t seen it!) It should come as no surprise that Julia was honored at this year’s ICF Global North America – Midwest Conference as a nominee for the Midwest Regional Recognition Awards Leadership Award.

The nominees for The Leadership Award were described as follows:

A coach exemplifying outstanding achievement in leadership in the ICF Midwest Regional coaching community.


Selection Criteria

  • Authentically acts, motivates and inspires excellence and commitment to achieve goals that advance development of coaching profession and community.
  • Demonstrates exceptional dedication for greater good.
  • Understands and demonstrates value of diversity in coaching and richness of stakeholders that enhance and strengthen the fabric of coaching profession.
  • Co-creates compelling vision and proactively engages others in achieving it.
  • Motivates/inspires spirit of teamwork/collaboration in building connections and community.
  • Demonstrates commitment to mentorship.
  • Achieves significant accomplishments for the benefit of coaches, their clients, the coaching community and public.

In addition to her nomination this year, Julia has now completed her third year as an integral member of the Midwest Regional Conference Steering Committee.  With the presence of her leadership, this year’s conference was the best ever!

We are so proud that Julia calls ICF Greater Indianapolis her ICF Home!

Kudos to you, Julia!

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