A Coaching Approach to Business Development for Coaches

Business Development

The number one challenge facing many coaches can be summed up in four words: Fear of business development.

I have met hundreds of coaches over the years–I have had virtual tea with many around the world–and they all smile with a sense of recognition when I share my response to their question, “Do you have any guidance for me?”

I watch as it lands when I ask them, “How are you at business development? Who are your potential clients? How many potential clients do you meet with each week?”

I share with them what I see coaches, particularly new ones, doing. After they get their shiny new certification from an ICF accredited school, they sit behind their (often) new computers and wait for clients to show up. Often, they are so uncomfortable with the idea of sales or marketing, and they have old baggage attached to the concepts, that they would rather spend time doing the fun and comfortable tasks of building a perfect website (which in my experience is always a work in progress and will never actually be “done” so relax and put it up when it’s 70 percent there), or they take more courses to be a better coach. And they put themselves into debt, and heighten their stress level, in the process.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I took this great course… or I took that great course.” Or “I need to take this course before I’m ready.”

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