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This article originally appeared in the August 2012 Issue of Coaching World


It is January 1, 2017, New Year’s day. I sit and reflect on the year gone by. I am in awe of what has transpired around the
world—industries have gone through major flux, having to reach new levels of accountability. But one industry stands tall—the coaching industry. It too has undergone massive transformation, like an adult becoming wiser and learning who they really are, learning what is true.

A grin stretches across my face as I am reminded of my own journey, when I began to discover all that I am …
It was the time I first saw Whole Brain Intelligence in action, when I learned what is truly possible for us. It was June 1997, I had just sat down to relax when I was startled by the phone ringing. It was a dear friend of mine with an invitation not to be missed. he had been telling me about a couple who had “abilities”—they could see things about a person, know who they were at their core, they were “amazing,” he said, and they were in town tonight. I decided to embark on this adventure and head out to meet them, to see what was behind these stories. I am so glad I did. It was 7 p.m.—we had arrived on time. The room was filled with people. Electricity was in the air; everyone was smiling. It was so contagious that I couldn’t help smiling, too. I was invited by an older woman to experience a treatment—she was the one my friend had told me about. How could I refuse a first-hand glimpse of what these people were capable of? 

I lay down on the massage table, ready and open. She needed to calm me, because I was top-heavy with adrenalin and fear. She spoke softly and calmly, making me feel safe and finally at ease. She placed her hands gently upon my head, sitting behind me. She began talking, remarking about things that were incredibly familiar to me. We had only met for a few seconds and she  began recounting my entire life story, revealing to me the reasons why I was feeling stuck in my life, why my back was aching and why I was avoiding a deeper commitment in my relationships. Incredibly, it was all true—every word she spoke.

We had barely met, uttered only a few words to one another, but she spoke about me as though she had participated in every moment of my life—as though she had been watching me since birth. How was she doing this? Was this even possible? It was as though she had tapped into the truth about my life: who I was, how I was living, what my struggles were, all my key frustrations and—best of all—the answers to resolving them.

Home truths

She told me more about how I was feeling about my parents, about university and how I was being particularly self-destructive in my life. She gave me radical insights, answers to questions that had bothered me for months. It all came so easily to her. I was amazed, to say the least, It felt as though she knew more about me than I did. But what was particularly startling for me was how she spoke. She wasn’t using her own words, they were my words, my very thoughts—the precise sentence structure, word for word, the exact phrasing of my own thoughts. Needless to say, a paradigm
was collapsing.

Could it be that my thoughts were no longer under lock and key? How was she accessing my mind? All this time I had thought my thoughts were private, hidden from view. Clearly, I was mistaken. What I had just experienced was extraordinary. My father had often told me about a phenomenon called Universal Intelligence (UI), but to be faced with it like this, out of the blue… What a  mind-blowing experience! My neck was healed, I had clarity and certainty about my life. I had received answers to all my questions, but most importantly something more expansive had occurred. I was shown the truth, a new paradigm where answers on any topic could be accessed. Everything changed from this point on—how could it not?

Like many life-expanding experiences, I resisted this transformation at first. It was too simple and so extraordinary all at
the same time. Well, what you resist persists, so despite my best efforts to conform to societal norms and practices, life
had other plans for me, and many others as well. Life led me to learn more about these skills, our nature, the truth about our potential, how our belief holds us back and what really creates illness in the body…But it wasn’t until this investigation took me to meeting my wife Sonja—beautiful inside and out—that together we were able to take this realm of Whole Brain Intelligence to a profound new level of understanding.

Some discoveries on our journey

We were shown that Whole Brain Intelligence is a unique configuration of the brain, currently quite rare and, in fact, the
epitome of brain function. It is where both hemispheres of the brain begin resonating in unison to bring in information beyond what people already know. Like an antenna, the brain actually perceives frequencies of information, similar to a radio picking up on signals, but from everything: people, places, situations and, most importantly, from a sublime consciousness within—the SuperConscious.

Our Whole Brain Intelligence gives us the unique ability to pierce the veil of what seems real, giving us clarity as to
what is actually real—to read between the lines and see the hidden truths. Life mimics our thought patterns. Our wellbeing reflects our innermost thoughts, our outer universe reflects our innermost universe, and so on. It is through Whole Brain Intelligence that we get to see behind the scenes to the thoughts buried deep, the thoughts that are at the root cause of our life experiences: our marriage breakdowns, our financial struggles, illness and disease, the success or failure of our business ventures, even who we are as a species.

We realized a profound misunderstanding had occurred across humanity—our brain was not standalone at all, rather
it can be compared to wireless Internet, connecting everyone and everything. It is just that we were not taught this in school, leading us to draw upon a standalone brain only. Our brain can only do what is expected of it. We learned that underpinning our Whole Brain Intelligence, essentially linking all human beings, is a field of frequencies, like a melting pot of knowledge and wisdom, of thoughts and intelligence known, and thoughts yet to be discovered. Like ripples over a still pond, this field relays information and insights to those using Whole Brain Intelligence, giving knowledge, wisdom and guidance—a true gift to coaches.

Contained within this field are all the answers: how to experience an all-natural, pain-free birth, how to move
someone from depression to being on purpose in life, how to grow people from living a mediocre life to experiencing their own greatness in every moment. It is abundant in wisdom, truth and a myriad ways to protect and grow our future.

How does this change coaching?

The ability to draw on this field gives rise to helping people in a profound new way. The truth really does lie within and, armed with Whole Brain Intelligence, we can all access it, share it and grow from it. Harnessing this field in a coaching setting gives access to tapping into a person’s core being. The answers to their entire life journeys lay hidden beneath layers of self-doubt. A practitioner is no longer reliant on their thinking mind, but is accessing answers from the SuperConscious Intelligence running through the client and connecting all of us. A coach simply holds an intention to uncover the truth about a situation to uncover the perfect path forward. The answers arrive almost immediately, they do not need to be thought about or considered, because they already exist, waiting to be accessed. The truth already exists within every one of us, and Whole Brain Intelligence is the key to unlocking it.

It is somewhat like having Google as your brain, accessing anything—in this case, your client’s life story, belief systems
and ultimate perfect fulfilling path. Whole Brain Intelligence can be confronting at first, because it is so advanced and so simple. But when we see that our role as coaches is to bring to light the truth that lies within, you’ll wonder how we ever did without it.

Daniel Rechnitzer is the author of The All Knowing Diary, a treasure map to All Knowing. Like an ancient manuscript, it reveals timeless wisdom and priceless truths. Daniel and his wife Sonja founded UI Group (Universal Intelligence), pioneering advanced courses in All Knowing, from beginner to self-mastery and practitioner levels.

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