5 Ways to Get the Professional Life You Want

Professional success

Tell me what you say you want. Show me one week of your life and I will tell you if you will get it. Adapt these five practices to reach your professional career goals:

1. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Before I became a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and in-demand executive speech coach, I started my career as a 15-year-old shampoo girl at the Carlton Hotel in England. As I said on 60 Minutes, “I used to work on the outside of peoples’ heads, now I work on the inside, so there’s only half an inch difference.” How did I do it? By preparing for, noticing, and seizing every chance that came my way. Opportunity doesn’t knock just once. It knocks all the time; though you may not recognize the sound. Pay attention. Opportunities are everywhere and often overlooked.

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