Letter from the President | ICF Indy Chapter News | November 2015

Margie BieswangerThe holiday season will soon be upon us – for better or worse. And time seems to fly as the end of the year approaches.

I know you’ll be busy with clients, family, and traditions.

Every day we need to make smart choices about who we’ll spend time with and how we’ll spend our energy. I hope the chapter will be considered one of your smart choices!

Our chapter is here to serve you, to enhance your journey as a coach, and to support you. We’re here to help you grow and be better able to serve your clients. We’re here to serve you as a community of professionals who can share resources, tips, and friendship with one another.

It’s all a matter of choice, isn’t it? Whether or not you choose to participate in chapter events, whether or not you choose to engage with chapter members. Whether or not you even choose to become (or stay) a member of ICF Global.

I hope you’ll choose to be involved with our chapter. Why? Because we value your input. We value YOU.

We have one more Chapter Meeting and Program on deck this month. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Mark Stamper.

And if you need an excuse to get out of the office, socialize a bit, and connect with your fellow coaches, then by all means plan to join me at the last Coffee Chat of 2015 – on December 10th.

Well, there’s much more to tell you about, so keep reading. Stay connected. Be an active part of this community. And definitely plan to attend chapter events this year.

I can’t wait to see you again or meet you for the first time!




Margie Beiswanger
ICF Indianapolis Chapter President 2015-2016

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Our Chapter At A Glance


The ICF Greater Indianapolis Chapter is comprised of a diverse blend of professional coaches. Here is a snapshot of our membership:

  • Our members represent a mixture of life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches.
  • Curious about our experience? We have coaches brand new to the profession, coaches with 15+ years of experience and all levels in between.
  • We currently have over 80 ICF members and over 200 Guest members.
  • Many of our members have ICF Credentials. In our chapter, we have 18 ACC’s, 9 PCC’s and 2 MCC’s!

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Are You Famous Among Your Ideal Clients?

Ideal clients

To succeed as a coach, it is crucial to identify the people who are best served by what you have to offer. These are your ideal clients. They are the heart of your business and the driving force behind your marketing strategy. But even if your branding is perfect, it won’t get results unless it reaches your prospect. Part of knowing your ideal clients is knowing where to find them. Once you figure out where they are, set your sights on becoming a household name in their circle.

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5 Ways to Get the Professional Life You Want

Professional success

Tell me what you say you want. Show me one week of your life and I will tell you if you will get it. Adapt these five practices to reach your professional career goals:

1. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Before I became a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and in-demand executive speech coach, I started my career as a 15-year-old shampoo girl at the Carlton Hotel in England. As I said on 60 Minutes, “I used to work on the outside of peoples’ heads, now I work on the inside, so there’s only half an inch difference.” How did I do it? By preparing for, noticing, and seizing every chance that came my way. Opportunity doesn’t knock just once. It knocks all the time; though you may not recognize the sound. Pay attention. Opportunities are everywhere and often overlooked.

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