Letter from the President

L045-225x300Welcome to the ICF Greater Indianapolis Chapter!  We welcome you as a member, guest or sponsor to join us in advancing the profession of coaching within the state of Indiana and beyond.  Our goal is to create a welcoming community that advances our professional development through high-quality programming, while reaching out to our larger Indiana community to educate and promote the profession of coaching.

We provide numerous benefits to our members, including:

  • A welcoming and supportive community of highly-engaged coaches
  • High-quality CCEU events to further your professional development
  • Social events to build chapter community
  • Discounted meeting and event fees
  • Coach Directory Listing
  • A welcoming social media community
  • Monthly blog opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in community outreach and education
  • Advertising opportunities for your coach events and projects

The best way to obtain value from your membership is to create your own value!  How will you get involved with our chapter? (Click the Read More button to find out!) 

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Our Chapter At A Glance

canstockphoto6966663The ICF Greater Indianapolis Chapter is comprised of a diverse blend of professional coaches. Here is a snapshot of our membership:

  • Our members represent a mixture of life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches.
  • Curious about our experience? We have coaches brand new to the profession, coaches with 15+ years of experience and all levels in between.
  • We currently have 64 active members.
  • About one-third of our members have ICF Credentials.  In our chapter, we have 11 ACC’s, 8 PCC’s and 3 MCC’s!

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March 2014 Did You Know? Chapter Update

March 2014 Did You Know? Chapter Update

Registration for the ICF 2014 Global Conference – North America Midwest is now open! The theme for this year’s conference is “Coaching Rocks” and is being held just a short drive away in Cleveland, OH, June 19-21! Take advantage of early bird registration prices today by securing your ticket now at www.icf-midwest.com.

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How to Build a Legacy

I first heard about it through Twitter, then through text messages. January 22nd, a hundred yards down from my office at Purdue University, there was a shooting. For the next month a plethora of information poured into our local community at Purdue on the life of Andrew. After reading through the bios there’s still a lot I don’t know about him. I don’t know what type of car Andrew drove. I don’t know anything about the finances he left behind, student loans…I don’t even know what he was wearing the moment he passed away. The blogs and articles didn’t talk about those things. They just said, in more ways than one, that he was a “good person”; it has me asking if being a good person is much more important than I previously imagined.

On a day-to-day basis there are all kinds of concerns that come to mind. Perhaps it’s because we’re really concerned about them or perhaps because commercials and advertising constantly remind us of them. What will I wear? Solid or pinstriped? Will the next car I get be domestic or foreign? Which is a better investment, stocks or real estate? A month after the passing of Andrew Boldt, I’m reminded that at the end of the day the biggest question is, “How much good have I done today?”

Now, we know that’s important. We put philanthropy, charity work, and our unpaid terms as president of the soup kitchen on our resume, because want to show the world that money isn’t the only thing important to us. We also spend about 11% of our off-the-clock time making people’s lives better. “Let’s throw in pro-bono work…last paragraph.” But building a legacy on a paragraph is like standing an elephant on a toothpick. It’ll take a lot more to hold it up.

Doing good needs to be more than an addendum to our career success. An alternative is to live as if our well-doing were our greatest success.

This is the life where you wake up and show your spouse and your children that you love them. You go to work and show your appreciation to your subordinates, your secretary, your peers and your boss. The day is no longer a dreadful list of tasks and appointments. It’s just one huge opportunity to make people feel irreplaceable, valued or even help them find solutions to problems. It’s an opportunity to teach by example. It’s an opportunity to build your legacy.

This legacy is built on today. You can be almost sure that if your co-workers and friends are asking the “Is he a good person?” question when you’re gone, then they’re also asking it when you’re there in front of them—just not out loud. Here and now your good deeds are important to those around you.

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to look at your life of doing good. Prepare a resume for a job opening as a “Executive Director of Good Deeds”. Don’t mention how much your past salaries were, what positions you’ve held, or your post college internship with Google. Simply write out a two page resume on your life of doing good. Include all those lives you’ve changed or influenced for the better. If you have enough material for half a dozen blogs and articles to be written about you then you’re on your way to building a significant legacy. When will you use that legacy? I don’t know, but if you beat me to it, hope to hear about you through Twitter.

Submitted by chapter member and coach, John Antonio

johnantonioAbout John:

John is a coach member of the International Coach Federation with a lifelong interest in personal development coaching. He received his training, mentorship, and coaching experience through Mission Network programs in Atlanta GA, Sacramento CA, and Rome, Italy. He now resides in Lafayette IN where he teaches for Purdue University and dedicates time to his personal coaching practice. John enjoys competitive boxing through Boxing USA and is an active member of the Purdue Salsa Dance Club. You can read more about John at http://www.personapersonalcoaching.com/.

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February 2014 Did You Know? Chapter Update

February 2014 Did You Know? Chapter Update

Come and get social with your fellow chapter members at our First Coaches Connection! Join us February 11th at Cooper’s Hawk on 96th st. There will be fun activities and prizes!

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