Letter from the President | ICF Indy Chapter News | September 2016

Margie BieswangerLately I’ve noticed a topic that has come up repeatedly in conversation.

No matter who I’ve been talking to, it’s come up at some point. It could just be me. But I think it’s something that coaches have in common.

The need for variety. The fact that we have a tendency to master something and move on. That we can get bored and lose our passion if we don’t get enough variety. That we like novelty and thrive on challenge.

We like to learn. In fact, every coach I know is a self-described lifelong learner. That speaks to our need for variety, as well.

Okay, so that may or may not be true for you. I’ll say this though, “Variety is the spice of life” isn’t an age-old adage for no reason. Right?

The ‘variety’ in your life and coaching practice will look different than mine, that is almost guaranteed. But the feeling will be the same, won’t it?

So here’s my challenge to you: Do one thing in the next couple of weeks (or sooner!) to bring some joy and some “variety” into your life.

Branch out. Reach out. Connect with others. Connect with yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

If you haven’t attended a chapter event recently, that could be your “spice of life” addition. Why not take a look at all we have to offer, get registered, mark your calendar, and join us. We’d love to see you and connect!

We just had our August social event at Cooper’s Hawk Winery (group photo below) and that certainly added a bit of variety to my week. We enjoyed good food, great company, and some delicious wine, as well.

Chapter Social Aug 2016

Another thing on my mind as the summer winds down is preparing to step down as the Chapter President at the end of this year. While I have thoroughly enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) leading the chapter, it’s time for someone else to take the reins. That “someone” could be you. Are you the next President of ICF Indianapolis?

Chapter TeamWill you begin thinking about joining our chapter’s leadership team by volunteering some of your expertise and time to our chapter?

Chapter Elections will be held in November and we’ll have a few positions on the Board available (including my role – President!!)

If you are a current member of ICF you’ll be hearing from the Nomination & Election Committee about the election process and the positions available, so don’t worry, you’ll be kept in the loop. And in the meantime, ask yourself how you might begin contributing to this dynamic chapter. We all benefit when you contribute!

Well, there’s much more to tell you about, so keep reading. Stay connected. Be an active part of this community. And definitely plan to attend chapter events this year.

I can’t wait to see you again or meet you for the first time!



Margie Beiswanger
ICF Indianapolis Chapter President 2015-2016

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Our Chapter At A Glance


The ICF Greater Indianapolis Chapter is comprised of a diverse blend of professional coaches. Here is a snapshot of our membership:

  • Our members represent a mixture of life coaches, business coaches and executive coaches.
  • Curious about our experience? We have coaches brand new to the profession, coaches with 15+ years of experience and all levels in between.
  • We currently have over 80 ICF members and over 200 Guest members.
  • Many of our members have ICF Credentials. In our chapter, we have 18 ACC’s, 9 PCC’s and 2 MCC’s!

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Midwest Conference Corner Wrap Up

Julia Mattern ConferenceAs fireworks light up the sky for the 4th of July, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the success of the 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference! We had 301 coaches gathered at the Crossroads from all regions of the US, Canada and abroad for two and a half amazing days of learning, growing and connecting. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive, from attendees, speakers and exhibitors alike. If you have not already done so, I would appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out the conference survey here to help planning for the next conference.

I was excited to walk around the Westin and see so many people from our chapter, not only in attendance, but also engaged in service throughout the weekend. I cannot tell you how proud I am of our chapter’s contributions or thank you enough for your enthusiastic support of the conference. You played a huge role in the success of this event and I am grateful for all of your participation.

Special thanks to:

  • Barbara Bougher for her outstanding service as Host City Chair. Barbara did a beautiful job managing all the hotel and conference logistics, including the food, signs, conference bags and programs, plus she was an amazing teammate. She also created and led the Ambassador program and was a champion for connection and inclusion.
  • Lynn Zettler for her excellent work leading the conference service projects. Lynn and her team created all the documents and processes, plus fulfilled our vision of contributing something meaningful to Indy and raising the visibility of professional coaching. Lynn also championed bringing the conference to Indy and contributed great ideas in the early planning stages.
  • Margie Beiswanger for the beautiful job she did as conference Emcee. Margie has also been a tireless champion of the conference and contributed in many ways, from technical support of the website, to creating conference buttons and graphics, and helping me create and deliver our commercial for Indy at last year’s conference.
  • Jane Creswell for providing an outstanding workshop on coaching effectiveness for local business and civic leaders as part of our service projects. As always, Jane was most generous in sharing her experience and expertise, while giving back to the community and helping us to raise the visibility of professional coaching in Indy.
  • Dan Johnson for donating his services as a presenter and delivering an excellent session on Resilience that got excellent reviews from attendees. Dan has also been a huge supporter, especially to colleagues in the allied professions.
  • Our Conference Committee Members: Chris Accornero, Sandi Ballard, Amy Barnes, Francine Carter, Mary DuVall and Mark Sprout (Host City); Jim Struck (Service Project Subcommittee); Julie Kratz, Margie Beiswanger and Pat Saint (Marketing); and Sean Olson (Programs).
  • Our Coaches who gave pro bono sessions for participants of the The Promise Zone Project as part of the service project: Julianne Miranda, Jeannie Phillips, Bud Roth and Jim Struck.
  • Our Ambassadors: Amy Barnes, Robin Barr, Margie Beiswanger, Barbara Bougher, Francine Carter, Mary DuVall, Dan Johnson, Angela Jorden, Pat Saint, Mark Sprout and DeShawn Wert.
  • Our Onsite Volunteers: Chris Accornero, Jenny Banner, Amy Barnes, Robin Barr, Margie Beiswanger, Ruth Boldt, Barbara Bougher, Francine Carter, Mary DuVall, Dan Johnson, Mike Johnson, Kathryn Martinie, Nila Nealy, Sean Olson, Jeannie Phillips, Bud Roth, Pat Saint, Mark Sprout, Jackie Stancil and Judy Wade.

I am grateful for the opportunity to represent our chapter on the Steering Committee for five years. Thank you for helping make this a truly memorable experience.

Julia Mattern
Chair, 2016 ICF-Midwest Regional Conference
The Crossroads of Coaching

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